Car Graphics Signage


Advertisement which is constantly in move.  This is quite exceptional way of presenting your company's brand. Regardless of whether you have just one or an entire fleet of cars you will get return of such investment. Your car is your own advertisement space you don't need to pay any extra money for so why not to use it for advertising.
The car being in motion is seen by both pedestrians and other drivers. This way you have a chance to reach a really wide audience. What's more it allows you to memorize the name and logo of your brand, the products and services offered. This is the perfect way to create the company's image as being a professional in every aspect. The appearance of a company car is also part of the company's visual identity so it is worth to take care of its attractive appearance. If there is also a phone number on the car another opportunity for the customer to contact you.

Car graphics which is an advertisement that moves with you. This is a unique way to present your brand. Regardless of whether you own a company car or the entire fleet this form of promotion is a profitable solution. The car you own is your own advertising space that you use every day and you don't have to pay an extra cash to rent it. Why not use it?


Car's wrapping process

The process of car wrapping is pretty simple. You can cover the entire vehicle or only selected elements with graphics. The time of displaying the graphics may vary as well: from several weeks to even several months. A special foil cut or printed with an excellent durability is used for wrapping. The glass panels are covered with One Way Vision foil, which does not limit visibility. The foil is resistant against weather conditions and minor mechanical damage. Printed graphics can also be protected with a laminate which extends exposure and its durability. It is worthto mention that this technique in no way affects the surface of the vehicle.

Professional help

Car based advertisement is a form of advertising which is worth to go for. Ad-visions deals with both designing and its assembly. If you want your car to be distinguished among others on the street by professional advertising and thus attract new customers please contact us. We will take care to design the modern and original look of your car, which will be an effective showcase of your company. We will do our best to make your car a promotional 'tool' to be consistent with your company's advertising materials and so it would present a positive company's image.