Logo Design

Be recognizable!

Perhaps you recall a very popular game once upon a time which goal was to recognize as many brands as possible just looking at their logos. With each level they were becoming more difficult to guess. In this case we would say that the success of the brand is when it appears during the 1st level of that game.  This means that it is very recognizable by many recipients. This is the key role of the logo: to get memorized and further to be easily recognizable and associated by viewers.

Designing a nice and effective logo at the same time is a task that requires commitment, hard work and time. Even if the idea may come up pretty quickly it then requires a thorough analysis of the company. Analyzing the company's clients and values, getting to know employees and a given product or service are the basis towards logo creating process. Given those informations, graphics designer can better understand your company and your expectations. Do not however eggegarate with the amount of information because then it is easy to get confused and make the logo difficult to read and too complex.


Project's information

A logo is a key element of visual identification which in some way create its own direction. It is a sign that will appear on every advertising material: leaflets, gadgets, envelopes, television spots, etc. It is therefore worth to spend enough time in order to make it representing your brand in a dignified way. The perfect logo does not exist but an effective does indeed. First of all it should be universal, neat and clear. The one designing should be aware of blindly following the temporary fashion, avoiding the logo to be too snobish as well as all its ambiguities. A logo that appears inappropriate or draws an inadequate connotation or is just simply ugly it can cause irreversible damage to the company's image.

Professional help

Taking into account the high risk of the logo to be designed inappropriately it is worth asking the specialist for help. Ad-visions offers to create a logo that will represent your brand in a professional way. While designing we consider all the individual needs of our clients trying to meet their expectations. We will create for you a simple and everlasting, very esthetic logo, which will be perfectly present itself all over the place. We are the company that will help you promote your brand in a professional and effective way.