Visual identification

Visual Identification

Nowadays most companies aim to provoke positive emotions and make professionalism related feelings. The goal of visual identification is to display the brand’s feature in such a way that it immediately recall the specific memories.
Identification should answer the question of how you want your business to be perceived. Its task is to illustrate the company’s history, highlight what is the most interesting. In this way, you will maintain continuity and harmony in all further decisions regarding promotional strategies. Recognition among clients, consistency of advertising activities and distinction among competitors are the most important advantages of using the visual identification system. 
Properly built brand image allows you to make the new audience interested, but also to build a long-term relationship with existing customers. Creating a coherent, transparent, interesting and unique logotype is a real challenge. The opinion about a given product or service is made by the potential client in the first few seconds based on the picture he sees.
Among other things, this is why the company’s logo is so important – it’s the most memorable visual element that your business is associated with. Based on the created system, awareness and brand identity are built, which is then memorised y customer. The likelihood of a customer choosing a company with a consistent and noticeable visual identity than the one with a completely unknown logotype is much larger.
As a rule, people are willing to trust a company whose name, logo or slogan they have seen or heard before. Just have a look at giants like Coca-Cola, Apple or Nike, which logotypes have become recognisable and saved in people’s memories.
Of course, one should remember that besides the logo there is a number of other visual materials representing the brand, which are contained in a specially prepared book of characters.

Book of characters

The so-called visual identification book represents the structure and dimensions (proportions) of individual graphic elements and the principles and know-how of how they can be applied in specific cases. The instructions and clues included help to use the given graphics to fit the appropriate form of an advertising.
The book allows to avoid fundamental mistakes and let employees to be consistent in a way they work and apply previously learnt rules.
While designing we aim to include the following:

• to be distinguished: to be noticed a company has to become unique in comparison with other competitors. To achieve this effect is best to generate particular feelings and connotations

• to be accurate: particular groups targetting. Fulfil their expectations and make them interested

• to be consistent: messages sent out by the company have to be well organized, connected with the company's identity, harmonized and complementary. Visual elements emphasize a word written, envision it, build reliability and trust. Inconsistent content usually created chaos and recipient's confusion therefore the company should be aware of that

• reputation: all mentioned elements above build the company prestige which then directly may increase costs


Logo the basic element of the identification system, but also an important marketing tool. Using the tool, size, colour and form, it reflects the company's symbolism, values and company's vision. Its function is to ensure the company's brand gets memorized. Remember that the logo will be present in all other advertising materials therefore it should be simple, universal, unique, no-time constrained almost like an archetype and easy to remember. Its goal is to reflect the company's characteristics and the activity's profile. This method can significantly increase the trust and loyalty of customers and emphasize the brand's credibility.

The whole planning process, design and implementation of an identification system should be carried out consciously and be full of awareness. Both parties are required to ensure that the results are fully satisfactory. In Ad-visions, meetings with customers are carried out at every stage based on iterations. This can ensure every piece developed is double checked before going forward and increases customer satisfaction. All because we care about cooperation that will produce a long-term relationship. We provide a comprehensive and thorough service, paying attention to the company's specifics. We carefully design and make individual elements that make up the whole visual identity.

Business Card

Business Cards
The most common and fundamental type of advertisement. The latest method is the QR code (abbreviated Quick Response Code) which once scanned directly transfers the recipient to your website. The business card however besides basic details like contacts data, an address and email, phone number also graphical content and a company logo. It is very useful when you meet your business partners face to face. It adds a professionalism to yourself as well as to your company you represent. While designing the business card every detail is important. Is it going to be single or double-sided? Is it going to contain photo or the trademark only? What to include what not to include, scope of service you provide perhaps? Should a specific type of paper or different size by used? All those and similar questions we'll help you to find answers to in Ad-visions. We make sure that besides design the printouts should be a high quality as well.


Stationery which is the most commonly used in official correspondence like invoices, letters, contracts and other important documents. It proofs the credibility of your business therefore it is crucial to make sure it looks neat and elegant and emphasizes the concrete company's image. Frequent mistakes while designing a company stationery are the overwhelming amount of information placed on it, the overuse of colours and small details which, due to the effect of photocopying and faxing decreases the final effect. In this case minimalism and clarity have much better result.


Binder's primary purpose is its functionality. It is used to store documents that are intended for customers. It is easy to forget about the fact they also should be attractive because their role is to advertise the company. Binders are usually A4 ("8,27x"115,75) format and can be various colours and paper types like e.g. matte, glossy or varnish foil. Folder with strengthened edge is rather recommended for many more documents storage and those with an elastic band ensure protection against documents falling out. Quite often you can see folders with an embedded pocket especially to store a business card so while designing it is good to take it into account to keep these two elements next to each other.

Advertising booklets

Advertising booklet as the name suggests this is the collection of your company's offer that you provide to your customers. This is why the quality and attractiveness of such folder is so important. The composition of the text or the selection of photos can affect how the customer will remember your product and whether it will recommend it to others. As we know word-of-mouth is powerfull. The advertising folder should contain all the information you provide to your partner during the meeting and later on to convince him even more to make a decision that is favourable to you. In addition, folders can be sent by mail, handed out by hostesses or simply placed in showrooms and trade fairs. This way at a relatively low cost many more people will get to know about your product and/or service. Ad-visions is able to design a folder which not only your potential client will reach for but also remembers the information placed in it.


Calendars are an extremely handy helper of every businessman who regardless of their form accompanies him every day. We offer many types of calendars, for example wall calendar,booklet type, desk type and many more. Each calendar can serve as a greatly advertise your product or service primarily because customers use it throughout the entire year. It is worth considering the design of such a gadget so that the calendar is attractive but above all useful and clear-cut. It is necessary to ensure that customers and employees are willing to use the "bookish" calendar. If they end up using it to decorate their desks it's even better at the same time advertising your company. Taking into account the duration materials should be durable enough to last those 365 days throughout an entire year.


Notepads are used to store more information often useful during official meetings and conferences therefore they should look good and be durable. The company's journal perfectly look with employees incl company well designed logo. Such a practical notebook also works well as a gift for customers. Like a calendar the notebook should be durable and elegant as it accompanies the client during all important situations. Therefore, it is an effective and relatively cheap way of advertising. Ad-visions designs and prints journals and so-called advertising blocks all popular formats like A4, A5 or A6 dimensions which are functional and professional therefore will certainly serve your company and your clients for a long time.


Envelopes are kind of sent-out type of advertisement which lands where a massive recipient is. Hundreds of envelopes get delivered to our mailboxes every single day. Most of them are obviously white or grey which do not distinguish them from regular bills.
Usually they are associated negatively that's why most often we just bin them. In Ad-visions we place an emphasis on designing those kind of envelopes to be one of their kinds which increases percent of getting potential customers interested. It is important that the envelope attracted an attention because in the first few seconds the recipient develops an opinion about the company without even looking inside the envelope. The more creative the design the greater the chances of reaching the customer.


Fliers are one of the basic and most popular marketing tools. They star as the main informative and persuasive role. Their task is to reach as many clients as possible in a short period of time. This is a form of advertising that is most often used by companies from various fields which is why streets, letterboxes, shopping centres, waiting rooms and many other places are just flooded with leaflets. So how to stay on the top reach out to those interested? Ad-visions will help you find the answer to this question and advise you which leaflet should you choose in order to effectively advertise your business.


Posters are outdoor printouts recommended if you have something special and non-standard to offer, something what you want to show off with and present to a wide audience. Posters give an infinite graphical possibilities provided that they are created by an experienced and creative specialist. The greatest challenge in creating a poster is the accuracy of the message and its content which includes combination of graphical elements and text. In Ad-visions we care about project's uniqueness in order to to achieve an effective advertisement.


Billboards are type of large format advertisement that is placed on either buildings or along roads. It is an important part of visual identification because it gives the opportunity to present products or a service on a large scale. The billboard's best benefit is when placed in a busy and crowdy place visible to everyone around the clock. Because of that potential customers have the chance to remember a brand or a particular product in a subconscious way simply because they pass it by every single day. It should be specific and characteristic to make it visible. It then will be an effective way to memorize the brand's image.


City-lights are a type of backlit advertising technique resulting in its higher effectiveness. It is usually found at bus stops hence it has a smaller format than a billboard. It may contain much more information about the company and the product as the client spends more time watching it. Like any of the company's visual identity elements city-light should be designed in accordance with the company's values and visually coherent with other advertising materials.

Cars based Graphic

This kind of graphicc are modern technique which will quickly allow you to reach a wide audience especially local community. It's a kind of business card however placed on a car that is in move an entire day. If you are often out of the office or need to commute to reach your customers this type of promotion is a must. While on move the car is its own advertisement itself. In an aesthetic and clear way you announce to the rest of the world that you are hundred percent involved in what you do. Ad-visions designs professional car graphics so that your car will be a worthy representation of your brand.


Banners are reliable way of advertising which is the foundation of many promotional campaigns and more. There is a wide selection of banners that we can individually customize based budget, schedule and availability of resources. You can buy a large-format banner for an outdoor exposure as well as lightweight and handy banners ideal for e.g. trade fairs, conferences and any kind of exhibitions. In Ad-visions we ensure both, the graphic design of the banner and the quality of the materials are high quality. So if you are looking for a individually designed and crafted advertising banner for your company do not hesitate to contact us.

Promotional Gadgets

Promotional Gadgets are one of the greatest ways to place an advertising message in a discreet and non-intrusive way. Gadgets can come in a variety of forms from classic pens and keyrings to a more sophisticated and luxurious. It is crucial that any gift you give to the customer is neither cheap nor overwhelmed in its form. The gadget should eventually be an effective advertisement and therefore consistency and clarify are important as well as connection to company's values. Certainly the logo and company name must be both visible and definite so that the customer can associate particular content's element with your brand immediately. This will be a pleasure for us to advise you on which gadgets are the most suitable for your company profile and tailored to the needs of your customers.