Business Calendars


Calendars are a good choice if you look for an elegeant and effective gadget for your customers. The business calendar is visible all the time so the advertisementlast as well.
Our wide choice of templates and various customizations possibilities ensure calendars will suit your needs.


Currently the business calendars market offers a wide range of choice so make your decision carefully. Think who the calendar whould go to and what goal do you want to achieve. If you meet your customers at your office place the calendar on the wall when at their offices having some handy calendar on you makes you look professional and directly associates yourself with your brand. Remember that your employee is also the company advertisement. Provide the highest quality materials for the most valuable business customers best in a form of a bookish calendar. In case the calendar is one of the promotional elements you use, you can opt for small calendars in the form of leaflets or wall posters.

Calendars are part of every office whether on the walls, desks or personal files of your customers. They might use it for an entire year checking certain dates, planning anything or placing short notes. This make calendar an ideal place for an advertisement. By placing the logotype, the company brand, a tag line or any personal data makes makes a customers to remember the brand. Business Calendar can resemble positive feelings because it looks smart and functional. It can be a valuable busines gadget in multiple situations. It helps build trust, professional image and an an effective advertisement's tool. Moreover calendars are a one-time cost however they have a long time impact therefore it is a very good choice from an economical point of view. High quality calendar which is not only practical but also looks smart will bring an effective advertisement's impact.


Our offer

Ad-visions offers professionaly designed any type of calendar:
     • wall calendar
     • three-sections calendar
     • bookish
     • poster
     • desk calendar
     • single-sided
     • multi-plane
     • leafy calendar

Remember that it is advisable to order calendars well in advance especially at the end of the year. Many companies out there order them during the last quarter. Bear in mind to properly design the calendar, double check whether the logotype and company's name are both correct and placed in a visible place. In terms of the bookish calendars ensures there are enough space to place notes or write down contact numbers. Wall calendars must be durable, they should be thick enough and do not look cheap. They also should not wear off quickly.
If you need a unique calendar which is going to be an effective advertisement tool drop us an email or give us a call and we will design and create an elegant and functional calendar ensuring everyone is happy.