Business cards


A business card in a business is important however many business people do not realize that even though it is an integral part of the business etiquette. We use it during important meetings, fairs or conferences, but also in everyday life while talking to customer. Not having a business card can be perceived as a symptom of incompetence and lack of professionalism. Otherwise having a business card is not enough - crucial is how the business card presents itself e.g. quality of printing, material, design etc. For example negative feelings can be produced by a business card which is unattractive not very elegant or damaged due to poor material.

It is not only a fundamental source of information but also an effective advertising tool. A business card is a form of self-presentation - it reflects who we are, what we do and how. The first impression about our business is usually made while handing over the business card. Its task is to attract attention so that the person whom we give such a card is able to remember and recognize it among others. Customers, sales representatives or other people with whom the entrepreneur has to deal with during an every day life usually have a whole collection of similar 'cartons' none of which is quite characteristic.


Make yourself visible!

So how do you make the client you care about to notice your business card among others? First of all a business card must stand out of the crowd. The colour, pattern, interesting shape or texture - there are many possibilities. A well-designed business card should be above all legible and readable, and contain current data. It should be remembered that a business card is an integral part of the company's visual identity which is why its design should be kept in a similar style to the rest of the advertising materials.

We will help you

In Ad-visions we are able to design an original and unique business card for you which will enchant anyone it is given to. We will craft the design to your expectations and type of activity and branch you work within so that the business card will look elegant and is also consistent with the image of your company. Contact us to present yourself in a professional way right from the start, at your first business meeting.