Business Folders


An advertisement folder is one of the tools that can significantly affect the company's image. The portfolio of products aim to encourage potential customer and a potential business partner to cooperate with you and as a result make a purchase. It is a great way, better than just handing over a traditional leaflet, to make a contact with the client in an interesting form.

    Folders or binders are usually given away during meetings with a clients or contractors. This however is not the only way to distribute them. Folders can be handed out in various places for example as trade fairs, conferences or trainings. Some companies decide to send their folders by post or by dropping them into mailboxes instead of leaflets. Folders can also be distributed in offices, shops, waiting rooms and many other places. Bear in mind however not to leave folders wherever possible but rather in places where there are the largest number of your potential customers. Leaving them anywhere is just a waste of time and money.

    The basic task of the folders is to promote the company's offer by presenting available products and services. This way the customer can get familiar with the collection, see photos, read a description that will possibly encourage him to make a purchase and get him closer to your business. Folders due to their more robust form contain more information than a traditional leaflet or billboard. Once passed by the folder makes it possible to review the offer, compare the products and decide to whether to buy or not. All these increases a possibility that satisfied customer will forward word of mouth further to his friends or colleagues, so your ad will spread around.



    Folders can have multiple roles. Besides being an advertisement's tool they are primarily targeted for the customer relationship management. Folder can include the company’s history, some extensive preamble, what are the company's mission and goals. In such a way you the distance between you and your customer gets shortened.


    The key aspect of the business folder that may effectively convince the customer towards your offer is its attractive form. Starting with the graphic design through the content included, ending with high quality of materials. The folder as part of the company's visual identity should be kept consistent in terms of colours and its elements. Same as the rest of advertising materials primary elements it should contain the logo and company name so that the viewer immediately finds out and associates the product and/or service with your company. The layout should be carefully considered. The folder must be clear, all photos and texts arranged in a legible and easy to to be read format. The basis are also professional photos because this is the content that mainly attracts attention. The graphic content is the main element the recipient pays an attention to not only the text included. It is therefore worth investing in a professional product session and then to take care of placing high quality photos. Doing all the above the folder is much more attractive and professional.

Although the photos are the most important for the folders written content isn't less important. Tedious and incomplete product description can quickly reduce the positive impression that well designed graphic content would have otherwise. Many companies often devote all their attention to the design of a folder that forgets about positive impact the text may have. It is worth prepare an unique wording which in a simple but an effective way will emphasize the advantages of the product and encourage the one to make a purchase. Descriptions do not often have to be that long and complicated but they should specifically emphasize the benefits of the presented offer.

Remember that with the business folder high quality of paper is very important. A well-made promotional folder not only better presents itself but also does not wear off so quickly. Folders are usually used multiple times so investing in better quality paper makes sense. To further differentiate your folder from others you can use different types of artefacts. The folder's cover can use matte foil which adds an elegant finish. In turn glossy foil can be used to revive the colour. If you want to emphasize your logo, brand's name or any other element it's best to do it with a special varnish. An interesting effect that will surely attract an attention is stamping or emphasizing individual parts of the project.


Our offer

Ad-visions offers to prepare the folder which will be a professional advertising tool and help create a positive image of the company among clients and business partners. Each folder we design is unique and individually tailored to your company's profile. In addition we do not only create an original design of the folder, but also print it out using a variety of materials and techniques. Our printouts are exceptional because of high quality paper and an expressive colours.
DO not hesitate to contact us and see that an aesthetic and high quality company folder is an effective promotional tool.