One of the key principles of marketing included in the famous book of psychologist Robert Cialdini (more details can be found in his groundbreaking book: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion) is the rule of reciprocity. Its secret lies in the fact that the more we give away from ourselves the more the recipient is willing to repay us. The perfect use of this rule in relation to customers are gifts in the form of advertising gadgets. They can come in a variety of forms from key rings and pens to specially designed gift sets. Regardless of the form in which they appear advertising gadgets have been a great way to fell into customers memory.

Choose the right one

A properly selected advertising gadget is an excellent way for your company, but also allows you to establish a relationship with the client. Such gadgets may increase probability of making the customer feel honoured and appreciated and hopefully the one will want to return the favour e.g. by using your services or buying your product. In addition if you put the logo and name of your company in the right place you will increase the chances that they will be remembered. Advertising gadgets are therefore an investment in advertising itself but also an investment in the relationship with customers. Due the above facts you will certainly gain trust of those who are then more likely to come back to you. It is a simple but effective way to promote the company in a pretty straighforward way.


It is crucial to remember that the gadget is a gift you hand over to the customer. It proofs the respect and sympathy towards the customer therefore the high quality is pretty important. Quality of gadgets reflects the quality of our services. Gadget helps to generate positive company's image and shape an opinion about your company. While handing over an advertisement gadgets we talk about transmission and impression phenomenon in which the customer either positively or negatively judge and associates your company. It might then impact the relationship and cooperation in either way. So if he thinks that the cup you had given him is original and unique, he will look favourably at the project you made for him.

Before you decide on a specific gadget you should think about and specify who you will give your advertising gifts to. Each target group has different preferences, needs and specific requirements that are extremely important when choosing gadgets. If you do not meet the taste or expectation of your customers the advertising gadget will not generate the desired results. Therefore, make sure that you do not invest into e.g. modern power banks or pen drives if your company's offer is addressed to pensioners who do not usually use this type of item. In this case, it is better to count on the classics like pens or calendars.

In addition when choosing gadgets ask yourself one more important question: what goal do you want to achieve by handing over gadgets to customers? Depending on whether you want to increase sales, raise brand awareness, or establish a deeper and lasting relationship with customers you can choose a different type of gadgets. Regardless of the goal you set make sure that the gadgets you choose are consistent with your company's visual identification. This way the one will surely remember your logo and brand's name more easily so he will use your services and products more often.

Promotional gadgets should reflect values which the company uses. Those values should be present also among all advertisement materials of your company. If the above are obeyed the harmony and consistent image will be preserved. Gadgets should be precisely according to company's branch you are in charge of. If you target wealthy customers then you better produce high quality gadgets. Otherwise the goal will not be achieved.

Often gifts given to customers are not very functional, incomplete or simply not very aesthetic. Such gadgets just get binned along with the money you spent on it. It also could be a mistake to give gadgets too often. If accustom business partners or clients to the fact that they can receive those company's little things you will automatically lower their impact. Advertising gadgets work best as a nice touch that positively surprises the recipient. Giving gadgets too often may become the only motivation the customers want to meet you. If the above applies they in fact do not bring real profits but are a wasted investment.


Our offer

The basic function of gadgets is that by using them the customer will permanently memorize the name and logo of your company which will make him use your services. That's why these two elements are necessary when designing advertising materials. It is therefore worth designing gadgets together with the company which gives you the freedom to design such materials. Ad-visions will support you in creating unique gadgets that will surely cover expectations of your recipients and will be tasteful and high quality.