Leaflets and Fliers


One of the first things that probably come to your mind if you think about advertising and promotion is a leaflet. No wonder our mailboxes are full of them every day. It is impossible to walk through the main street not seeing somebody handing the fliers into your hand. Some of them immediately land in the basket but some in our pocket. Why is this happening? What makes a leaflet an effective means of advertising?

The way many companies approach the issue is they state it is a must for any advertising campaign. However most leaflets ideas are simply half-baked, unfinished and of poor quality. Designed in the hurry or on the knee, quickly and printed anyhow as in bulk quantities. By design such leaflets are written off and are usually binned straight away. So how do you create a good advertising leaflet? There are a few basic rules that should be followed regardless of the product or service. First and foremost you should think about the purpose of the leaflet and who should it be addressed to. We need to know what information we want to convey and think about how to do it. Is the leaflet supposed to be typically informative or rather inviting to the premiere of a new product or maybe encouraging to take advantage of the promotion.


Layout of the leaflet

The next step is the idea for the design and layout of the leaflets. Text and images should be arranged in such a way that they do not collide with each other and create unnecessary chaos. The more understandable and readable the leaflet the greater the chance that the message will be read and remembered by the client. One meaningful picture or a catchy inscription will do more than a few small and indistinct images described in three font types. It is worth however to ensure that the leaflet should have that something to standout so it is original. Only these exceptional projects are perpetuated in the minds of the recipients and actually strengthen sales in your company. Through an interesting leaflet which is consistent with the rest of your advertising materials the customer will remember your brand and more willingly use the services offered.

A good identifier is an interesting advertising slogan. One that intrigues and encourages you to look at the information contained in the leaflet. The message should be simple and specific. Everyone who reaches for a leaflet at least hopes that will find information to benefit from: will promise him some pleasure or show how to avoid suffering. Therefore it is important to focus on the client while inventing the text of the leaflet and present him with a ready solution presenting at the same time your brand offer. When creating a leaflet show that what your recipient is looking for is reachable and available just as far as your company. Ideally when you have something extra to offer: additional -10% on shopping after presenting the leaflet, a gift when using the service. It all depends on the type of business you are in charge of, your financial options and imagination.

The format of the leaflet is as important as its content. Now you can find a lot of examples of leaflets as well as custom sizes and forms. Creative shape, unusual size of the leaflet or for example three-dimensional form will make it reach for more people. If the customer has to keep your leaflet and not to loose it inside a messy bag it is also worth taking care of the high quality of the paper on which it will be printed on. The graphics should be printed in high resolution, each element in its place and the text should not be smudged when touched. Solid ink and durable leaflet creates a perception in of a solid brand.
The last but not least issue is a distribution channel. The way how your leaflets get into the hands of the interested ones, matters. There is no point in leaving them in random places without the ability to control in whose hands they will get into. Since you have previously determined the target group of the ad make sure that it reaches the target audience. When you offer products for the elderly ones you can leave leaflets for example in medical lounges etc. That way you can be sure that your advertisement will reach the right people and hopefully bring real results.


Our offer

Creating a leaflet which becomes an attractive material in terms of graphics which is also an effective advertising tool and is printed in high quality guarantees success in sales. Unique designs and remarkable solutions are the speciality of Ad-visions. We design and print leaflets that should attract almost everyone. If you want your leaflets to be made professionally please contact Ad-visions. Together we will create a leaflet that will be one of its kind and effective.