Apart from leaflets, business cards and other advertising materials letterhead paper is a significant part of the company's visual identity. It is a subtle and unobtrusive form of brand presentation that builds its image. Used to communicate with clients it emphasizes professionalism and builds the company's prestige. Letterhead paper is an effective however not-intrusive advertising medium that is worth investing in.

The letterhead paper contains the most important information about the company which primarily includes the logo and company's name as well as the address and contact details. Sometimes companies also place their advertising slogan. In that everyone who comes into contact with documents printed on such paper memorizes its content quickly. If properly designed and an entire content is designed with good taste all the documents automatically look better and thus have a positive impression. Letterhead paper also improves cooperation with customers because if it contains a characteristic logotype etc your company's documents can be found much easier and faster among many others.



The design of the letterhead is individual and adapted to the company's character and style. However it should always be kept in the same tone as the rest of visual identity elements. You should think carefully about exactly what information you put on the paper and its layout. The whole content must be clear and transparent so as to avoid confusion by the recipient of the document. Letterhead paper looks best in a simple and minimalistic form. Too many graphical elements and more than three colours may look too much flashy and chaotic and as a result too difficult to read. To remain aesthetic and elegant we should avoid designing too complicated or overwhelming decorations. It is best to watch proportions, content's elements and design in order to create a pattern adequate to the brand and company's value  as well as to bear in mind visual coherence. Then you can be sure that the recipients will associate the logo and colour scheme with your brand.


Just as important as the appearance of the letterhead paper is the material's quality it is printed on. The paper must be of high quality but also without unnecessary ornaments and elements that may to distract you. This way you proof that your brand is solid and that you pay an attention to details. Good company paper is an evidence of a professionalism and a signal the company is worth to cooperate with. This is a type of advertising that is subtle but it can be extremely important. If you care about building the image of a trustworthy and caring company we at Ad-visions can create a brand-name paper especially and individually crafted based on your needs.