One of the advertisement's materials which companies may apply for their promotional campaigns is the poster. It might at first be perceived as old school and rather not commonly used however when you look around you'll find many posters hanging out there. Most common places are bus stops, tube stations, advertising column or fences. Currently the poster isn't just an information source but its additional role is to intrigue and get potential customer interested.

Our recipe

So what is a good and effective advertisement's poster? It contains a clear message composed of keywords supplemented with a suitable picture. The font should be large enough with contrasting and surrounding colours easy to be spotted. Symbols and intriguing details make it easier to read and to make the recipient better to absorb the information being sent out. While creating a poster you should be guided by the 'less is more' principle. It is best to bet on one dominant element - text or graphics content on which the viewer should focus. No part of the poster can be accidental the content and layout should be consistent and coherent. Both the text and the image have to complement and clearly present the purpose of the poster, so that they do not require additional explanations. Recipient after seeing the poster should be positively surprised and interested enough to start looking for information about the company and the product.

It is making the viewer intrigued the biggest challenge while making a poster. Relevance of the message and combining it with graphic elements is extremely difficult but it depends on the reaction of the viewer and the degree of his interest in the poster. The more mysterious the poster, the better. A short but strong message highlighted with a distinctive colour not only stands out of the crowd but also means that the viewer does not treat it as an ordinary advertisement. Posters can become pieces of art that passers-by look favourably on. Playing with words, symbols and eloquent text the poster can influence the emotions and awake the imagination of the recipients.



It is worth remembering that posters are not resistant to weather conditions. So if you place them for example on an advertising column you have to bear in mind their short life span. Therefore, they should be characteristic and easy to remember the first time the recipient sees them. An indispensable element that can not be missed out is the logo and company name. Even if a poster does not get the one interested towards given product or service it can increase a brand awareness for potential customers.

What do we offer?

A poster can be an effective as well as an inexpensive advertising tool of a company provided it is properly designed and properly located. A visually-distinctive advertising poster is an opportunity for your brand to be noticed and remembered by a group of new customers. If you place this type of advertising in places where your potential customers appear the most you have a great opportunity to reach them with your direct message. If you are not sure about the form of the poster as an advertisement or do not know how to design it do not hesitate to contact us.
Ad-visions are people who specialize in outdoor advertising which the poster is a part of. We will gladly design and create such advertisement which will become much more visible to the rest of the world.