Stationery Folders


The folder is a basic element of every company's equipment. Desks, cabinets and shelves are full of them because they are often more handy than large and heavy binders. We take them with us for the meetings, conferences and other trips because inside of the folders we store the most of the documents. This is another field to use for promoting the company and building its image. So why so many companies do not pay enough attention to the appearance of company folders? Time to change it!

Company's image

An elegant folder that fits into the company's visual identity can be an effective form of advertising. The most important thing is to have the logo and company name on the file. You can also add contact information or an advertising slogan. If you present your offer, contract or other documents in a well designed company folder you show your competence and make it easier to remember your brand. The company folder looks much more professional than a regular shirt and is more practical which will certainly be appreciated by every customer.

At business meetings, fairs, conferences and trainings you use your advertising materials which is why the company folder should also be part of them. This is a kind of advertising material that the potential client will take home with him. It is good if certain advertisement item in this case the folder reminds the one of your brand. The folder which is consistent including your advertising materials is a sign for clients and business partners that you take care of even the smallest details. This way you show not only your professionalism but also a full commitment that helps build the image of a solid and trustworthy brand.

In addition to the image itself and advertising aspects storing documentation in folders is much simpler and more convenient. It allows for easy organization, sorts-out things and avoid mess in the office. The customer who receives the documents from you can be sure that they will not get lost and it will be easier to locate them at home. With large volumes of corporate files this is not an expensive investment. It certainly makes a positive impression indeed and should be a common standard in any professional enterprise.



There are various types of files on the market that you can choose from depending on your needs and preferences. If your budget allows you can choose for example two types: folders for storing more documents in your office and a briefcase for customers that can be thin. See what you can choose from:
    • Folders with a heavier back or spine - they are suitable for storing more documentation depending on the width of the ridge;
    • Folders without back - they can fit only a small number of documents e.g. single contract or an offer;
    • Files with an elastic band or binding - a folder in which the eraser / binding provides additional security for documents;
    • Folders with mustache - a useful solution when you store your documents in T-shirts, and you do not have room for large and heavy binders; the so-called mustache with a plate is designed to hold the shirts so that they do not fall out;
    • Portfolio with a place for a business card - a solution that is nowadays virtually indispensable if you care about contact with clients and contractors.

Our offer

Corporate, advertising and proposal type of folders are a simple and convenient way to store documents as well as  they do advertise and create a positive company image. However for this to happen the stationery must be properly designed and made. In Ad-visions we take care of properly designing and assembling folders that look professional and will be consistent with the rest of your advertising materials. We ensure high quality of the printouts so that the files are durable and strong. Contact us and we will help you in advertising your company among others by creating aesthetic and decent company folders.