Project phases

Why us?

In our relationship, we want to keep only positive emotions, therefore, to eliminate all possibilities of understatement, at the beginning we want to bring you closer to the stages of designing our products.

We care about your trust. Therefore, below we present the only scheme we stick to:

Project's phases


  1. Discovering your needs and researching the competition
    For the product to meet your expectations, and we can sign it with a clear conscience, we also need your input. That is why we start every new venture with a conversation.

    Who better than you will tell us about your needs? At this stage, the key is to determine the target recipient, get to know your competition and the solutions they use or to determine the function of your future website. Don't worry - we'll advise you and advise you if needed.
  2. Evaluation and signing of the contract
    We refine the project, then we make a quote for the website. After accepting the conditions and joint arrangements we sign a contract. From this moment, the right work on the project begins.
  3. First draft
    Knowing your requirements and needs, we move to the next stage. Equipped with the right knowledge, we start designing the prototype of your website.

    We consult you the arrangement of individual elements, we discuss the basic and additional functions created from scratch for you. In addition to joint consultations, your additional contribution is to provide us with the necessary materials that will be used on the site (e.g. photos, videos, sounds).
  4. Project acceptance
    Will the solution we provide meet all your requirements? We are open to any suggestions for changes and improvements. After applying the correction, you accept the project
  5. Implementation and tests
    Based on common arrangements we make a website. We develop graphics, we graphic materials provided by you, we create animations CSS3. Then our developers build a logical layout of the website and merge it with previously prepared graphics.

    In addition, if we also deal with positioning, we optimize the source code of your website, bearing in mind that even the best products require advertising. The newly created site is being tested by us before launch. We must be sure that our product has the highest quality.
  6. Website implementation
    The site is ready. We suspend it at the given Internet address and add it to the most popular search engines free of charge. Each page is equipped with an intuitive CMS whose user manual is available after logging in to your Customer Area.
  7. Further cooperation
    A satisfied customer returns. We hope that you are happy. We know very well that a conscious entrepreneur is flexible to the changing needs of the market. You can commission us to expand your site or use our other services.

And most importantly - at every stage, if necessary, we offer advice and help. We are open to your suggestions.