Exhibition Systems


Professional presentation of the company is the basis for various types of fairs, conferences, exhibitions, trainings or promotions in showrooms. The original exhibition system is an ideal option to showcase the potential clients and business partners. It comes with a variety of ways it can applied and works well in many situations which is why its form is extremely important. Interesting and distinctive appearance of the stand attracts the attention of the participants of the event which is why it is an excellent advertising tool.

In order not to disappear surrounded within a crowd of other companies whose exhibitions are similar to each other one should take care of the unique character of the exhibition. The main purpose of such a stand is an attractive presentation of the company and its offer so as to get those passing by interested. It is therefore worth considering what information you want to present about your company, what products to present in a special way whether you include multimedia elements or rather focus on longer conversations with customers. Based on these assumptions we can create a functional exhibition system that will not only meet your expectations and goals but will also prove to be an effective marketing tool. In that you will get noticed by a larger group of people and your brand will be perceived as professional and trustworthy.

The entire exhibition system should co-operate with advertising materials that will certainly be presented on it. Banners, roll-ups or walls should be maintained in a similar style and colouring so that they form a consistent entity. The simple yet effective character of the exhibition becomes an powerful element promoting the brand. It is used on many different occasions also as sales support in shopping centres therefore it should be recognizable so that it is visible among many other advertising materials located in such a place. Due to frequent use parts of the exhibition system should be durable and made of high quality materials so that over time they do not lose their attractiveness.

Exhibition walls

They are perfect as an arranged background during presentations or meetings with clients. In that way they create an unobtrusive but effective advertisement that will get memorized and will be remembered for a longer time. They are part of the visual identity and thus they create a professional image of your company. It is an ideal place to display the brand's logo or advertising slogan which will be visible to the bystanders. Exhibition walls are available in various sizes they are also one-sided and double-sided. The basic types of walls are arched and straight. They are also very light-weight and therefore comfortable while transporting and assembling so they can be used many times.


This is an extremely popular tool supporting the promotion of the company which is suitable for use on many occasions. You can present the selected graphics and company logo which will be more visible that way. It is a standard product chosen by many brands so to stand out of the crowd it is worth to take care of its decent form and individual design. Aesthetically made roll-up will emphasize the professional character of your brand. To choose the right roll-up think about where in most cases it is going to be used which will allow you to adjust the material, size of the roll-up as well as the appropriate layout of the advertising graphics. We offer a wide range of roll-ups so you can use the product suitable for your company.

X- banners

This is a distinctive form of the X-shaped banner. Due to its versatility and convenience of transportation it is one of the most eagerly used means of advertising during many events and business meetings. X-banners are a simple and aesthetic form of presenting each graphic with a light construction. Another advantage of this type of banner is its high mobility and ease of assembly which allows it to be used in many places. Such an advertisement will highlight your brand in an attractive way catching the attention of all customers.

Our offer

How to present yourself professionally and in an attractive way at fairs, trainings and shows? Better to design something unique or maybe just place few exhibition walls? What materials to use to create a unique effect? We will help you to find the answer to these and many other questions. We will take care of designing the unique exposure of your company by making banners, roll-ups and walls. Together we will create such elements that will perfectly present your brand, and at the same time be functional and comfortable to use. In that your presentation on all kinds of events will attract bigger audience of people. Take advantage of Ad-visions exhibition systems and present yourself professionally!