Illuminated Signs, Panels and Light Boxes


Neon, flashing, three-dimensional, flat, illuminating the city inscriptions have become an inseparable part of the urban landscape. Each of them tries to catch the attention of passing people. Among all these may be advertising slogans or the names and logos of companies, which in this way want to inform the world about their existence and encourage potential customers. This is extremely important, because even the best product will not become a bestseller if we keep hiding it from others. You should go public and advertise your offer to others. One of the opportunities that draws the attention of pedestrians passing by and at the same time potential customers are advertising panels. It is a modern form of promotion replacing past ordinary grey boards placed on the buildings walls. Illuminated, colourful assemblies tend to appear in various formats and dimensions perfectly highlight the uniqueness of the company expressing its innovative character.

There are endless number of possibilities and only imagination is the limit. The benefits of using advertising light boxes are enormous. An attractive inscription placed in the right place will make the company to be noticed by a larger number of recipients. It can be an indoor board which will get noticed automatically by those entering the office. Light boxes mounted outdoor whether on the top of a skyscraper or on a busy street building reach the mass of recipients. The message presented in a creative and unconventional way has much more effectiveness than the information provided. A simple and at the same time distinctive message becomes memorized much faster. The variety of available materials, shapes and colours allows you to create a personalized and harmonized advertisement of a given service or product. Each implemented project is unique and carefully refined, so that it meets the customer's expectations and the goals set. In addition precisely made light boxes give the impression of elegance especially illuminated after dark. Unquestionable advantage of illuminating light boxes is their energy efficiency. The light boxes are also made of durable materials resistant to changing weather conditions.

The selection of available materials used to make advertising light boxes includes plexiglas, dibond aluminium (rigid aluminium composite) and foil. This way we present the customer with a range of possibilities he can choose from adjusted to his needs and his own vision. The light boxes may be one-sided, i.e. flat mounted on the front of building or double-sided placed perpendicularly towards facade of the building or stand-alone. There is also the possibility of advertising in an unusual, non-standard shapes, e.g. applying circles, ellipses or triangles. Panels can be created in any dimensions, from small informative signs to large format ads placed on buildings or independent constructions.



The basic material used for this type of products is plexiglas and aluminium.
Dibond is a solution recommended for those who care about the very high quality and an effective presence of the advertisement. This material is made of a modern material that is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It is a special, layered aluminium plate that allows it to be freely milled and modelled. The panels made of dibond are perfectly smooth, light-weight and resistant against applying pressure and temperature differences. Due to the lack of visible connections between the front and the side, the effect obtained is very fancy. In addition panels of this type are perfectly visible from a long distance. The dibond light boxes are exceptionally presented with letters highlighted.

Due to being an extraordinary and very aesthetics LED's based light boxes deserve special attention. This type of advertising can be both outside and inside of the building. LED backlit panels ensure uniform light distribution to provide the ability to highlight individual letters and adjust its intensity. A unique effect can be obtained by additional lighting of the light box circuit. The visibility after applying this kind of technique both during the day and night means that it reaches broader audience of customers. An interesting feature is the use of a halo effect in the backlight, e. g. placing the light directly behind the inscription and around it.

The big advantage of this kind of light box is its energy efficiency - in comparison to older technologies, the energy consumption is much lower. The LED modules are also long lasting even up to 100k hours. They are also durable and resistant against various weather conditions. The control of such a modules is usually done with a simple to use driver.

Professional help

Ad-visions guarantees professional design, production and assembly of any kind of light boxes panels. We will prepare an offer individually dedicated to a given product so that it meets the expectations of the most demanding customers. We will help you to choose and customize the option tailored individually based on your budget.