The CMS system, like any internet application, is designed to make your work easier. Its main function is content management located on the website. All you need is the ability to use basic text editing programs and an internet browser. Operation of this system, as you can see, is child's play, although its possibilities are not trivial. Our CMS system can be expanded with other modules selected by you - all depending on your needs.

How it works?

The CMS system separates the text part from the page appearance. New content is saved in the database. Then, based on the ready layout, the system dynamically creates a new subpage. This is a great alternative to static HTML pages, because if you change the appearance of the page, you do not need to re-enter the content. Therefore, refreshing the page in the future will not only be less time consuming, but also cheaper. In addition, you can create and change new subpages yourself.

Benefits of having in-house AD-VISIONS CMS

Freedom in editing subpages

    You add, edit and delete content yourself. You can, among others:
        insert tables (also nested) and lists (bulleted and numbered with the option of choosing the appearance of the bullet, also nested),
        fully format the text (font size, typeface and color, font highlights, justifications, vertical alignments in tables, superscript and subscript, etc.)
        insert hyperlinks (links),
        insert long and short descriptions (eg in the form of "teasers" on the main page),
        add graphic and multimedia files previously loaded on the server and edit their parameters,
        create photo galleries at will, edit thumbnail frame, add photos
        edit the page menu, rename subpages.

    Fully intuitive user panel

    You do not need specialized programming knowledge or an additional IT specialist. The application interface works on the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) principle. Additionally, when you hover over the interface icon, the function name is displayed. In addition, we have prepared a CMS user manual for each client, from which - in addition to basic information - you can learn about other, more advanced options and capabilities of our CMS.

    Positioning support fields

    To make the website more friendly for search engines, you have the option of setting the fields yourself:
        Title - page title,
        Keywords - keywords describing your business,
        Description - a short description that appears in the search engine under the link to the page. Failure to complete this field causes the search engine to display a randomly selected fragment from the content of the main page.

    Saving time

    With a few clicks you change the content of the page - so you are not dependent on external companies, which make each update for an additional fee. In addition, if the appearance of the page changes, all content entered into the database remains, so there is no need to re-enter it, as is the case with static HTML pages.

    Compatibility with all web browsers

    No stress - every visitor to your site will see it exactly as you want to present it. You need to know, however, that we focus on the latest browser versions because the archived versions do not fully support the CSS3 and HTML5 capabilities, which significantly excludes users of mobile devices visiting your website or online store. Unfortunately, maybe even :) you have to go with the times and not focus on something that has already been.

This is just the basic version. You can enrich it with other functionalities, e.g. user management module (e.g. activity control), update module, survey module, etc. You can read more about the possibilities of expanding the page in the "Custom applications" tab.

Contact us. Learn more about the benefits for you and your business. We will choose the best solution for you.